Mental Welfare Coach

Mental welfare Coach

What we offer

Modern Approach to Mental Health training and Education

  • Modern Mental Health Approaches
  • Evidence Based Techniques and Science
  • Fully Qualified Mental Welfare Coaches
  • Accredited CPD training
  • Support Services for individuals or organisations
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Inspiring Mental Health Education and Training you can use daily

  • Individual Support
  • Guidance
  • 24/7 Advice line
  • Mental Welfare Support packages
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Training for you and your teams in Modern Mental Health Awareness

  • Mental Health Training
  • Occupational Health Support
  • Evidenced Informed Practice Training
  • Support Line
  • In house Mental Health Training
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Uniformed Services

Mental Health Training developed from those who have served and understand your environments

  • Resettlement Support
  • Post Incident Support and Training
  • Mental Health Training
  • Support Line
  • Techniques Training
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We are the Only Mental Health Training team that not only teaches you the most up-to-date Mental Health Training but will also teach you and your staff techniques they can use to help them become a healthier person at Home and Work.

Its time to take Mental Health Training to another level and much more seriously, this is a dynamic approach thats been taught globally.

We have taught in over 25 countries with and worked with Corporations, International Police, Fire Service and Ambulance services and some of our team have worked on very high profile incidents around the UK and USA with the very training and support we now offer you.

Mental Welfare Coaching is a world lead in Mental Health Training and Mental Health Awareness training. We offer a unique approach to not only teaching you Evidenced Informed and Science based Mental Health training we will also teach you the techniques and concepts that will support you as an individual or organisation daily.

We will teach you and your team how they can help themselves, we will show you and your organisation how to be more proactive in Positive Mental Health and Training.

Mental Welfare Coaches are fully trained and insured, use the most up-to-date material available and will support you and your team.

You and your team will see results in our training that will support them and their medical team.

Evolution in mental health training

Supporting Individuals, Organisations and Uniformed Services with Accredited Mental Health training, around the globe.

Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness are important to understand in today's world as an individual or organisation.

  • Do you need to reduce sickness at work?
  • Are your team members still having issues with Mental Health?
  • Do you want to learn how to reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD at work or home?
  • Are you interested in learning the most successful Mental Health support system?

Mental Welfare Coaching has been developed by experienced Medical Professionals, Mental Health Trainers, and Accredited Consultants that will deliver the most informative, up to date and dynamic training for you, your organisation or those serving in the uniformed services

Our team is fully trained and accredited to deliver you evidenced informed practice techniques and Mental Health training packages, that will give you your life back and help you in the workplace.

Mental Health is your responsibility, let us help you get the best support and training.

Contact the Mental Welfare Coaching team today to discuss your training.


Mental Health - Your Stories

Watch 4 short stories on the highs and lows of Mental Health.

Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness has been a subject that has been ignored for many years. It's only now that with advances in neuroscience and mental health education that individuals and companies are really taking notice. Listen and watch four stories of mental health lows and highs. These Mental Health stories are from Professionals, Military, Emergency Services and teenage mental health that will give you insight on how we can help you.

If you've just watched that short video, I invite you now to watch that Mental Health Stories behind them, only 1 or 2 minutes long but may resonate with you, a family member, friend or colleague.

Now let's hear their Mental Health Stories and how Mental Welfare Coaches supported them.

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Our Aim

To build positive mental health and awareness at home or the workplace with.

  • Physical Health education - Improving your physical wellbeing
  • Emotional Health - Develop positive behaviours and emotions
  • Spiritual connection - Developing a sense of purpose and inner values
  • Intellectual activities - Keeping the mind and body active
  • Social Development - Embracing Social life and Social Well-Being

We will give you, your family and organisation the most up to date Mental Health Awareness training.

Good mental health is related to mental and psychological well-being, Your Mental Welfare Coaching Team can support you and improve your home and workplace mental health and well-being.

We will supply you a dedicated team to educate and support your personal or organisational needs.

Courses, Training & Education in Mental Health & Awareness

Call us today to discuss up and coming courses and training


The Mental Welfare Coach training team are proud to help Organisations, Teams, Military and Emergency Services with their Mental Health training and Mental Health Awareness. We have taught in over 25 Countries so far and here are some of the success stories of our clients and students.



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